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About us

Hi! I'm Yulia, founder of Mused Art Space - boutique art studio, located in Kyiv.
Nowadays i'm in Vienna and I invite you to dive deep into the magical art world together!
What can we offer:- Individual and group master classes- Custom paintings (Acrylic abstractions, 3D-abstractions, Resin Art)
Let's reveal your creativity!


Resin Art

Resin art is a very creative art to explore. It is unique painting style where you do not use typical brushes or acrylic or oil paints, you work with epoxy. You can create a painting or a coffee table in only an hour (choose from the slider below)
Resin art is open for everyone, you don't need an art education to create such paintings. Creative mood and a little help from a good teacher will help you to create your masterpiece. 
Let your imagination go wild!
❗Be aware that Resin Art technique is not recommended for pregnant, nursing women or children under 16 y.o.

Date and time: on request



Сanvas on cardboard is good for small artworks. If you have limited space in your interior to place a painting, small one will fit perfectly.

Group workshop price:Canvas (cardboard 40*40 cm) - 75€Canvas (cardboard 40*50 cm) - 85€

Individual workshop price:Canvas (cardboard 40*40 cm) - 100€Canvas (cardboard 40*50 cm) - 110€



Art-board is the strongest base for working with resin. They could be round and square. The main feature is that no fasteners are needed, the art-board has a subframe on which you can hang the finished product.

Group workshop price:Square 50*50 cm - 95€Round/square 55*55 cm - 110€Round/square 60*60 cm - 125€

Individual workshop price:Square 50*50 cm - 120€Round/square 55*55 cm - 135€Round/square 60*60 cm - 150€


Tables & trays

Interior table is an excellent element for your interior. It has 47 cm height and 51 cm diameter.

Group workshop price:Coffee table - 100€ (90€ with your own JYSK Randerup or Ikea Gladom table)Tray (golden/silver) - 85€Breakfast table (bamboo) - 90€

Individual workshop price:Coffee table - 130€ (120€ with your own JYSK Randerup or Ikea Gladom table)Tray (golden/silver) - 110€Breakfast table (bamboo) - 115€



Geode is an art-board with unusual shape. This is the basis for creating a product in the form of a stone cut. It could be used not only as an artwork, but also as a table decoration or a tray for glasses. Candles also look very nice on it.

Group workshop price:Geode (40*60 cm) - 95€

Individual workshop price:Geode (40*60 cm) - 120€

Alcohol ink

Feel the magic working with inks. Relax and meditate while creating your first masterpiece. You can choose: artwork on special synthetic paper or artwork on art-board.

Group workshop price:Synthetic paper 50*70 cm - 90€Art-board 55 cm - 120€Art-board 55 cm - 135€

Individual workshop price:Synthetic paper 50*70 cm - 120€Art-board 55 cm - 150€Art-board 55 cm - 165€

3D Abstraction

3D abstraction is a modern and trendy way to create a magnificent work of art. This technique uses textile in the production of art. Artwork featuring fabric has an endless variety of patterns.
3D abstraction is new by comparison. Artists are just starting to explore it. This technique is very exciting; the texture, the color, the fact that there is no right way to do things or wrong. 
Let's create 3D abstract canvas that will enhance the ambience of your living environment!

Group workshop price:Canvas (60 cm) - 90€Canvas (70 cm) - 100€

Individual workshop price:Canvas (60 cm) - 120€Canvas (70 cm) - 130€



Coasters are great for your interior. You can choose some from available artworks or request for custom artwork. We will be glad to transform your idea into little masterpiece.

Price: set 2 pieces - 55€
set 4 pieces - 100€
set 6 pieces - 140€

How to order coasters:1. fill a request form2. get response via instagram to discuss style, size, cost and other details3. receive your order

Paintings & tables

If you want to get custom artwork for your interior or to make a creative gift - you can make an individual request. It will be a pleasure to create something special for you!

Price: Resin Art (canvas): from 60€Resin Art (coffee table): 80€Abstract Art (canvas): from 60€3D Abstraction (canvas): from 70€

How to order custom artwork:1. choose style and technique2. fill a request form3. get response via instagram to discuss style, technique, size, cost and deadlines.4. receive an artwork



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